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Risk Assessment Software

Proactive risk management is mission critical to manage risks and hazards that might impact your business objectives. Forward-thinking organizations must focus on proactive risk identification rather than implementing corrective actions to mitigate the occurrence of incidents in the future. With ProcessMAP’s survey-driven Risk Assessment solution, you can effectively identify risks and hazards, evaluate their impact on the organization and implement strategies to mitigate their impact.


  • Identify Risk

  • Evaluate Risk

  • Monitor and Mitigate Risk

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Streamlined Processes

    Standardize risk assessments and make sure appropriate controls are in place and effective

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    Improved Compliance

    Comply with Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality regulations and standards

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    Enhanced productivity

    Effectively implement proper controls to mitigate the identified risks by creating and assigning the CAPAs

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    Actionable Insights

    Built-in dashboards provides a holistic view of your organizational risk information for effective decision making

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    One Source of Data

    Seamless integration with ProcessMAP’s EHSQ software ensure effective mitigation of operational risks

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    Improved Bottom-line

    Enhances employee productivity and operational efficiency, thereby increase in revenue

Key Features

Facilitates standard risk assessment methods such as General Risk Assessment or Task Based Risk Assessment (HIRA), Chemical Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessmen


Rule-based notifications can be set up that will automatically generate email notifications for activities that are assigned, due or past-due


Assign Risk Rating Number (RPN) for each job step to the identified hazard. Easily configure the risk rating criteria specific to your organization's needs


Create action items and assign responsible parties for completion to mitigate the identified deficiencies. Configure rule-based notifications to automatically generate alerts and reminders for activities that are assigned, due or past-due


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