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Chemicals & MSDS Management Software

ProcessMAP’s Chemical & MSDS management software is designed to protect the environment and employees from hazardous substances by effectively communicating hazards associated with the chemicals. Chemical tracking, reporting, managing and labeling of hazardous chemicals across all the facilities of your organization is easier than ever with the ProcessMAP solution – all from a unified interface. Seamless integration with MSDS providers like MSDSonline provides access to up to date Material Safety Data Sheets, ensuring compliance with employee right-to-know act and HazCom obligations.


  • Print Regulatory Labels

  • Easily Manage Chemical Information

  • Enhanced Emergency Response

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Centralized Chemical Inventory

    Easily access chemical substances along with ingredients and PPE requirements to use the chemicals

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    Access to MSDS

    Easily access up-to-date Chemical SDS by integrating with third-party SDS provider

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    Generate Labels

    Easily generate GHS, HMIS and NFPA labels for Hazard Communication and inventory marking during transit

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    Track Hazardous Chemicals

    Easily Identify banned chemicals across the organization from any location/facility

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    Streamlined Processes

    Streamline chemical requests and approval processes for new chemical products across the organization

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    Simplify Compliance

    Easily share Right-to-Know SDS access and container labeling across all the locations/facilities

Key Features

Capture all MSDS information in over 40 fields which are indexed for search and reporting. Always access the latest information with periodic updates of MSDS information.


Easily create chemical records in the system by uploading chemical details using a predefined template


Search MSDSs with different criteria to quickly find what you need. Filter and sort by alphabetical index, manufacturer name, product type, ingredients, properties, use locations; chemical approvals by chemical name, date(s), and status.


Quickly and effortlessly access reports on patterns in hazardous materials utilization across the organization


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