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Behavior Based Safety Software

Whether an SME or a big enterprise, identification of behaviors, which leads to accidents, is the need of the hour to reduce the incident rate. ProcessMAP’s Behavior Based Safety software is designed to provide a pleasant user experience to the end-user, which is very easy to comprehend, operate and navigate. The solution helps you to capture, track and analyze peer-to-peer and group observations. Irrespective of the number of facilities your organizations have, our solution will automatically compile all the observations and provides real-time insights on potential hazards and risks. Inbuilt task management functionality allows you to implement corrective actions to mitigate identified hazards/risks, thereby reduction in overall incident rate.


  • Reinforce Safety Focused Behavior

  • Effectively Track Behavioral Data

  • Better Communication for Strategic Decisions

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Streamlined Processes

    Easily report at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions from all the facilities

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    Actionable Insights

    Provide real-time insights on potential hazards and operational risks

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    Mobile Solutions

    Track and report observations on the go with device-agnostic mobile apps

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    Enhanced Communication

    Easily communicate safety-focused behaviors to all the employees

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    Improved Safety Culture

    Tracking of unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions reinforce safety culture across the organization

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    Behavioral Trends

    Identify trends in at-risk and unsafe behaviors and prioritize concerns

Key Features

Explore our extensive Behavior Checklist to build a comprehensive database of key indicators. The application also allows reporting of observations On-The-Go using ProcessMAP native mobile apps


An integrated calendar management tool enables to track, escalate, and confirm when these tasks are completed


Create and print observation cards for regular safety observations


Facilitates360 degree view of employee participation and behavior related data to understand various perspectives


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