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Compliance and Task/Activity Management

ProcessMAP’s compliance and Task/Activity management solution enables management of compliance/non-compliance tasks (one-time and recurring), including, closure due dates, responsible parties for closure, alerts & reminders, and track them to satisfactory completion; It allows you to manage action items/tasks driven by corporate, facility, regulatory and management requirements. Whether you procure ProcessMAP’s EHSQ platform or any standalone module, this solution can be used to accomplish activities that are required to complete to ensure compliance.


  • Organization-wide Transparency

  • Seamless Activity Transfer

  • Effective Cost Management

Business value and Competitive advantages

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    Centralized View

    Holistic view of action items created across all modules – all from a unified interface

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    Enhanced Performance

    Increases accountability and employee productivity

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    Enhanced Quality

    Configurable responsible parties for verification of closed tasks ensures greater quality

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    Mobile Solutions

    Track and report action items on the go with native mobile apps

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    Actionable Insights

    Provide real-time insights on open, closed, pending and overdue action items

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    Cost Management

    Effectively manage costs by estimating the financial impact associated with each task

Key Features

Create, assign, track and manage action items through to closure


Create a task library at a corporate level, reducing the loss of “institutional knowledge” by retaining the action items in the system


Seamlessly transfer task from one person to another person


View tasks filtered by List View, and by Day / Week / Month


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