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About Lockout / Tagout Permit App


Lockout/ Tagout (LOTO) Permits are a key element of LOTO programs helping to insure equipment maintenance operations are completed safely. Implementation of a safe work permit system can help reduce the risk of serious injuries or death caused by accidental operation of equipment.


The permit also suggests the necessary measures to be equipped with before de-energising the equipment and ensure the safety of the person performing Lockout and Tagout task.

Key Features


  • Configurable – modify to fit specific business needs
  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Ability to customize notifications
  • Export records in excel and PDF format
  • Upload pictures and attachments
  • Create and assign action items

Download Datasheet- Mobile Apps

Key Benefits

Drive consistency in permit activities across an organization


Easily Configure LOTO determination checklist and business rules to mirror organization's LOTO program


Quickly select from pre-defined or customer specific controls to identify and communicate precautions to be observed and the required PPE


Proactively configure Permit Review/ Approval process and Closeout Authorization helps to standardize the process and improve safety and compliance