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About Lockout / Tagout Audit App


The Lockout/ Tagout Audit app helps companies to maintain OSHA compliance by ensuring completion of annual audits on every machine-specific Lockout/Tagout procedure. Users can easily conduct inspections of one or more authorized persons assessing their knowledge and the effectiveness of the procedures implemented. Corrective actions may be assigned and managed to closure to help ensure workplace safety and compliance.


The Lockout/ Tagout Audit app is built by EHS experts and allows clients to customize the checklist with company specific requirements.

Key Features


  • Configurable – modify to fit specific business needs
  • Mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Ability to customize notifications
  • Export records in excel and PDF format
  • Upload pictures and attachments
  • Create and assign action items

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Key Benefits

One-stop solution to assess the Knowledge of Authorized Persons and the procedural steps for the Lockout/ Tagout of equipment using configurable, built-in checklists


Proactively specify owners and due dates of identified corrective actions and track to closure


Quickly generate PDF reports with all elements required to certify periodic Lockout/ Tagout procedure when inspections are conducted