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ProcessMAP’s highly configurable EHSQ solutions help global enterprises to streamline processes and manage EHSQ data in order to ensure internal/external obligations, proactively identify and mitigate hazards, mitigate operational risks, and improve the bottom-line. We offer our cloud-based EHSQ software solutions both as a comprehensive suite as well as modular solutions that address your unique business needs.

  • Risk Management

      ProcessMAP’s Risk Management solution allows to identify operational risks, evaluate their impact on your organization and implement strategies to mitigate their impact. ProcessMAP provides the following benefits:
    • Complete an assessment of your workplace to identify the items, situations and processes that may cause harm to your organization, particularly to your employees
    • Develop plans to mitigate risks using techniques of avoidance, engineered controls, administrative controls protective equipment or other methods of control that work best for your organization
    • Monitor the progress and success of the risk assessment process
    • Enhances operational and business performance with effective Risk Management approach and Internal Controls
  • Compliance & Quality Management

      ProcessMAP’s Quality & Compliance management solution is a next-generation integrated software application for enterprise-wide Process Improvement, Compliance, and Quality Management. Key benefits of our solution are:
    • Maximizes internal communication efforts to stop Quality deficiencies before reaching customers
    • Resolve quality, compliance and regulatory issues while identifying Quality-related opportunities
    • Implement best practices to Improve processes, products and systems
    • Enables enterprise-wide quality compliance
    • Improves customer satisfaction and the bottom line
  • Environment & Sustainability Management

      ProcessMAP’s Environment & Sustainability Management platform helps global enterprise to streamline tracking, analysis, verification, and reporting of enterprise-wide sustainability data to enhance corporate sustainability performance. Key benefits of our solution are:
    • Establishes enterprise-wide consistency in performance metrics data collection & management, including, environmental, economic, social, safety, energy and carbon
    • Enables benchmarking of sustainability performance against self and others
    • Insightful analytics and reports enables informed decision making
    • Increased understanding of risks and opportunities
    • Improve reputation and brand loyalty

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